About Us

We are an adventure-seeking family who enjoys the great outdoors, loves family and friends, and has a gift for hospitality. We are in the process of compiling a site that includes the best products and ideas that we can find to enhance our lives as we pursue our happy lifestyle.

Our family loves a great vacation spot, to be sure, but just like every other hard-working family, we don’t LIVE on vacation. Our lives, just as your lives are likely to be, are spent primarily in our communities and mostly at home.

Living in California, where the weather is sunny and lovely for the vast majority of the year, we are in a perfect situation to transform our home (and particularly our backyard) into the ideal venue to entertain. We love to be “that house” on the block where our children’s friends like to be. It keeps our kids close and we love that.

Our kids enjoy trampolines, but going to a trampoline gym every month or so can get expensive. So we are starting our backyard transformation with something special for our kids that they have wanted for a long time. We have taken the time to research trampolines and have decided to post the findings here, in hopes that it will benefit others as well.

So we are on a mission to make over our outside space to be the most inviting place possible to keep our kids desiring to hang out at home and also to enable us to share our blessings and the love of the great outdoors with those we love the most.

If you feel the same as we do, come along on our journey! We would love to interact with our readers on the treasures we find that fit the budget as well as our goals to be a Great Outdoors Family!