What is the Best Adult Trampoline

Are Backyard Trampolines Just For Kids?

Kids love to bounce on trampolines for hours. It is just natural for them. They seem to never tire of it! We and our friends have spent a lot of money on Trampoline Parks (and bounce houses) to allow our kids this joy of jumping. You probably have too. We, adults, tend to just look on with envy because we either are 1) saving the extra admission money or, 2) we are embarrassed because “jumping is just for kids, isn’t it?”. But, what about us? Is there a best adult trampoline? That is what we are about to discover.

If you ever wanted to just let yourself go on the best adult trampoline, what better place than in your own backyard with your family and friends? Save the money on admission and invest it in an adventurous backyard the whole family can enjoy. Adults love to jump too and they should. There are a few things to look out for though when looking for one that will provide good endurance for the extra stress adults might put on a trampoline. There are definitely a few differences between trampolines for adults and ones mainly suggested for kids.

This article will look at some of those differences and cover some of the benefits of trampolining for adults. We will see what to look for in one that is heavy duty and will be sufficient for the extra weight involved, and finally, what our recommendations are (after hours of research) of the best trampolines for adults. After all, if you are going to make such an investment for your family, why not invest in one that will provide for the needs of the WHOLE family–kids and adults alike?

What are the Benefits of Trampolines for Adults?

Besides just being a lot of fun, which is a great reason on it’s own for an adult to play on a trampoline, it also has health and social/emotional benefits for those adults that use them.

Most people have heard of a few of the health benefits of trampolining. You may have heard that mini trampolines are very popular for a type of exercise known as “rebounding”. For our purposes here though, since this is a family website, we are mainly going to focus on the large, backyard types to find the best adult trampoline and the benefits that those can give to the kids, parents, and even grandparents.

Health Benefits

Here are a few more health benefits of jumping on a trampoline that you may not have heard of before:

  • Jumping on a trampoline does not put stress on the joints of your legs and feet like some other traditional forms of exercise.
  • Jumping or jogging around a trampoline can be sustained for longer because it is not as fatiguing to the body and therefore, more fat is burned and muscle increased in the process.
  • Now this one made me think: the lymphatic system relies on movement from our bodies as a pump. The lymphatic system needs movement for the lymphatic fluids to flow in order to remove waste and toxins from the body thereby boosting our immune system. This flow also slows down the aging process! And what’s not to like about that?!
  • Trampolining is exercise and 20-minute intervals 3 times a week can and does improve cardio health. The cardio system has its own pump; the heart. This pump is a muscle that is exercised by jumping. Varicose veins (part of the circulatory system) are also helped by this exercise.
  • Trampoline exercise is “weight bearing”. Weight bearing exercise has been know to help in protecting bone density and increases the chances of staving off conditions such as osteoporosis.The increased G-force on the bones strengthens them while not threatening injury on them due to stress like jogging can sometimes do.
  • NASA uses trampolines for astronauts to get them back in condition after being up in space because the consistent weightlessness can cause bone and muscle degeneration.
  • Trampolining is a whole body exercise.

Mental/Emotional/Social Benefits

Exercise has been proven to reduce stress. It releases endorphins in your brain which not only help to relieve tension and tightness in muscles but fills you with a more positive outlook. This mind/body connection is strong, so when your mind feels good, your body will too. A good workout has been known to elevate your mood, motivation, and even your memory!
It just feels good to accomplish something. Knowing that you are enjoying the great outdoors and doing something that is good for yourself. And you didn’t have to make a special effort to do it like going to a gym entails. You just walked out to your own backyard.
It is great to spend time together as a family! Kids love to spend time with their parents (especially when they are small). It builds happy memories for both of you. Kids that can look back and say “My parents played with me.” are generally happier adults.

What to Look for in an Adult Trampoline?

You are going to be looking for something that can take the extra weight of adult use since this is not going to be just a kids trampoline. This is an obvious consideration. But there are a few others things that we want to look at as well.


Trampolines that are considered in the heavy-duty category are ones that have approx. 13 gauge galvanized steel. Galvanized steel has gone through a “galvanization” process which means that they have been treated with a zinc coating that makes the steel more resistant to rust. No rust=longer durability.

Sometimes trampolines are also powder-coated which is another layer of protection for the steel framing. This protective coating will further keep the steel free of corrosion, thus keeping the frame strong for years to come. This is a process that you see on most outdoor/backyard furniture. Not only does the powder coating allow the steel to last longer in weather conditions, but it can be “colorized” to give whatever you are coating a professional finish that really gives it a real nice look.

You might want to look for frames that are welded together on their joints. Some trampolines are pieced together with brackets and clamps, but if you have a fittings that are welded, you have a stronger frame.

Size and Shape

Generally, you are going to want to look for a trampoline that is a large enough size for one or two adults. Trampolines that are good for kids only will come in the smaller sizes like 8’-10’ and most likely in a round shape. These trampolines are quicker to manufacture, lower cost to make, and will have weight limits of 200-250 lbs. An adult trampoline is generally larger in size with an average diameter of about 15’ and weight limits of 350 lbs or more.

Round trampolines give even distribution of weight and is a very good choice. Rectangular shapes are often built with the athelete in mind and will frequently be more stable and have a higher weight capacities-500 lbs. or more, making them an excellent choice.


Presently, almost every trampoline comes bundled with many of the accessories that you will need to have a safe and fun experience with your trampoline. Most come with a UV protected net enclosure, padded spring cover mat, and sometimes a ladder. Make sure that you know what accessories your particular trampoline set includes in order to limit surprises and having to buy things your weren’t expecting to have to buy later.

It is a good idea to check the height of your net enclosure. Enclosures on trampolines meant primarily for kids are frequently not quite as high. But if you are going to have adults jumping, you want to make sure that it is high enough to keep adults safe from falls. You would want a net an adult trampoline to be at least as tall as the adult jumping, and taller is preferred.

Also, there are a variety of enjoyable sports-themed accessories that some trampoline sets come with to add to the family fun. You might enjoy adding a basketball hoop to the enclosure net to challenge friends or family to game.

Heavy Duty Jump Mat/Spring Combination

When looking for a heavy duty trampoline, make sure you look for the highest thread weave that you can find for the jump mat. These are the mats that will be certified for a higher weight capacity. Jump mats will need to be made of UV protective materials. Generally, they are made of top quality polypropylene fabric.

Look for mats that mention that they have several rows of stitching on the edging where they attach to the springs to avoid tearing away at that stress point.

Generally, the stronger jump mats are those connected to higher spring counts. Sometimes springs are together in pairs which will make the trampoline sturdier.

Best Adult Trampoline Choices

13-Foot SpringFree Jumbo Square Trampoline

This unique trampoline is in a category all it’s own. It’s name tells it’s story. It is a trampoline that is completely springless. Currently, this seems to be considered the safest and best trampoline for adults.  The main frame, which is 18 inches below the jump mat, has composite rods instead of springs that create a very snappy bounce. This makes the jump mat one smooth surface with no metal edging so it takes away some of the safety issues that other more traditional trampolines have. There is no way to awkwardly fall on the springs or the metal frame which could cause serious injury.

The main frame, which is 18 inches below the jump mat, has composite rods instead of springs that create a very snappy bounce. This makes the jump mat one smooth surface with no metal edging so it takes away some of the safety issues that other more traditional trampolines have. There is no way to awkwardly fall on the springs or the metal frame which could cause serious injury.

The SpringFree also has an enclosure net that is not held up with vertical poles, but instead more flexible rods that bend with the fall. The netting is completely secured to the mat itself so there are no gaps to worry about someone falling through. The enclosure, as well as the jump mat, are UV protected to guard against deterioration from harsh weather.

Its metal frame is made of high quality galvanized steel and powder-coated twice to ensure a long life against corrosion and rust.

The maximum weight capacity for the SpringFree Trampoline is an amazing 1,100 lbs. That is enough assurance for the whole family to enjoy this trampoline for years to come. It comes with a very generous warranty that is actually doubled if you register your trampoline with the manufacturer.

ACON Air 15ft Round Trampoline

We really like the ACON Air 4.6 round trampoline. This trampoline was designed in Finland. It is heavy duty and well constructed with strong, durable (galvanized inside and out!) piping on it’s frame that has a thickness of .08 inches. The tubing itself has a diameter of 1.9 inches; built to last! The 110 piece spring set are 8.5 inches long and also been galvanized for endurance.

ACON recommends keeping the trampoline up all year for both summer and winter trampolining. You have to be confident in your trampoline for that recommendation! The jump mat is cross-sewn 6 times with UV coated polypropylene for strength. And it has no weight limit for single jumpers.

Just looking at the ACON, shows a very durable, bouncy trampoline. It looks high-quality, is good-looking, and would make a very good run at best adult trampoline. We like that the poles on the enclosure are farther away from the net for safety and then they bend in at the top connecting the net with the top rail giving it a very “finished” look. All the other specs just give us, even more, confidence.

The manufacturer gives you a fantastic 5 year warranty on framing and jump mat.

Magic Circle 16ft Octagon Trampoline

DCF 1.0

The Magic Circle trampoline is made by Backyard Toys and More. We like that this trampoline is welded at it’s joints; it doesn’t have clamps and fittings that can become loose or need to be tightened over time. There are no tools to use when assembling.

13 inch galvanized USA made steel; the thickness of a nickel. High density foam and thick padding cover the frame and poles. According to the manufacturer, this quality padding should last approximately 3 years before possibly needing to be replaced.

The trampoline’s cage (enclosure) netting is made of the same high-quality material as the jump mat and is securely sewn to the mat itself giving the enclosure no gaps in which to cause injury. There is a 5 year warranty on all cage material (1 year complete and 4 years pro-rated) AND when you need a replacement, they will even sew the new cage to the jump mat for you!

450 pound weight capacity gives you lots of room for family jump time.

Backyard Toys and more boasts that in the 35 years that they have been selling this trampoline they have not had a claim against them or any lawsuits.

Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Upper Bounce is a good no-nonsense Rectangular Trampoline. It has a great weight capacity for families of 500 pounds. Plus, it’s rectangular shape makes this a great contender for best adult trampoline. It gives a lot of room for trampoline tricks and athletic training, as well as just plain old jumping fun.

The frame of this tramp has the galvinized steel for rust resistance and is powder coated black for extra durable enhancement. It is easy to put together and break down and requires no extra hardware.

The poles of the Upper Bounce has strong vinyl protective sleeves. The spring cover has a premium safety pad made of thick foam that ties nicely to the frame for secure safety of your jumpers.

The jump mat has 8 row stitching for extra resistance from tearing under stress and is made of high quality polypropylene UV protective material.

AlleyOop PowerBounce Rectangular Trampoline with Integrated Safety Enclosure

If you are looking for professional gym-level quality in a traditional (with springs) type trampoline, consider this model made by JumpSport. This is their top athletic model and worth considering if this is your need.

We like that their enclosure is a tall 7 feet for that extra bouncing safety for adults. It has an open-weave that conforms to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards, yet has no danger of snagging fingers or toes.

The heavy-guage steel frame is galvanized inside and out and has a nice-looking forest green powder coating. It makes for a quality looking product as well as a corrosion resistant one.

The springs are 10 inches. This power bounce model also has their patented “Triple-Stage-DualSpring” for high performance and superb bounceability.

We love that this trampoline jump mat is made of UV protective polypropylene material and that it has 10 rows of parallel stitching on the edges. It is designed so that 6 of these rows go under the UV shield on the edge of the protective spring mat so that it is hidden from the sun’s corrosive rays that can damage the strength of the stitching over time. The stated individual weight limit is 265 pounds which is a little less than the other trampolines for adults that we have recommended. This is more of your heavy duty athletic training model, rather than a high weight capacity model.

JumpSport has their own exclusive Alleyoop warranty: 5 years on the galvanized framing, poles and jump bed.

Our Conclusion

Hopefully we have given you our best recommendations for the best trampoline for adults that will give your whole family hours of enjoyment. In the end, only you can decide what is best for you because you know your specific needs. We can only give general suggestions in the category of adult trampoline. If it will work for an adult, it should work for the family. Yet, not every kid-sized trampoline will work for the whole family (though some will!). It really depends on how much it will be used and by whom. And how often you are willing to replace parts. Heavier duty trampolines are more expensive up front, but you should expect them to have a longer life with jump mats, springs, and enclosures and better warranties too! Expect to pay for replacement parts sooner the less you pay for the trampoline initially.

All these things are important to weigh in your mind before you make your final decision. But we are convinced that once the decision is made, there is a lot of fun, memory-making time in store for your Great Outdoors Family!

Happy Bouncing!!

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