Skywalker Trampoline Review

How are Skywalker Trampolines Different?

Skywalker is a very popular brand of trampoline. For a company established in 2004, Skywalker has quickly become one of the most sought out trampolines for backyard use. Amazon has about 600+ Skywalker trampoline reviews as I type this for some of their most well-received models. Here I will do my best to share with you the information that I was able to gather from the Skywalker website and the reviews of those that bought the product.

This brand has a wide array of trampolines from the mini trampolines for toddlers (or mini trampolines for exercise, sometimes called “rebounders”) to the largest backyard versions. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. The shapes available are circle, square, oval, rectangle, and mini. See here on the website for the wide variety of sizes available:

At its inception, the company did some extensive research into trampoline injury. They discovered that 80% of injury was due to falls from the trampoline. It then became one of the first companies in the market to make the bold decision to not sell trampolines anymore without a safety net enclosure. Other trampoline companies have quickly followed suit and now it is rare to find a trampoline that is sold without an enclosure net. If you find one for sale, it is probably used. And if it is used, it is probably rather worn and therefore not a good investment, in our opinion.

The Basics of the Brand

Skywalker has some unique features that I found that set them apart from some of their competition. There are also some that are quite similar. Here are a few things that I found:

  • This trampoline has 1.5 in steel tubing on the frame. It has U-shaped legs for stability all around.
  • Skywalker trampolines have a limited manufacturer’s warranty the covers irregularities found in their products that occur under normal use. This warranty does not cover faults found due to weather damage, misuse in not following manufacturer’s recommendations, assembly jerry-rigging, improper storage or not following the weight restrictions. The plastic parts, cover mat, enclosure netting, foam covers and jump mat all have a 90-day warranty. The hardware frame, springs, and other steel parts extend to 1 year from the date of purchase. (see warranty here)
  • The frame has special sockets called “T-sockets” that the enclosure poles are placed into that gives those vertical poles extra stability and prevents “structural twisting”.
  • The enclosure net has a patented no-gap system that clips down the netting at each spring which does away with the threat of gaps between the jump mat and the netting which greatly reduces the chance of serious injury.
  • These trampolines have more accessories of games and tents available to enhance playtime than many others I have looked at. The company website mentions that at its beginnings they wanted trampolines that would bring the whole family together (and maybe some friends too) to be outside and enjoying each other. They have toss games, basketball, volleyball, bounce back, and football games available on some models.

Skywalker stresses weight limits. 200 lbs. is the most common weight limit, though one of it’s largest trampolines is 250 lbs. The manufacturer’s website suggests round trampolines in the 8-10 ft. range for smaller families with young children and 15-17 ft. range in either oval or rectangular shapes for large families or teenagers.

How Easy is the Skywalker to assemble?

While searching Skywalker trampoline reviews mentioned is not hard to assemble. In fact, many were saying that they were surprised at how easy it was to do. Few people recommended assembling it alone however. Most models of trampolines for the backyard required two or more people to make the process go smoothly. Many reviews said that they were thinking that they would definitely be taking the jump mat, spring cover and enclosure netting off to store for the winter (a smart idea, we think!) and also a recommendation from the company itself.

Some reviewers were mentioning more problems in the shipping of the product rather than in assembling the product itself. Most trampolines come in two boxes. Some mentioned being shipped two boxes, but it was the same box of parts-not a full trampoline.

Where are Skywalker Trampolines made?

This company is located in Brigham City, Utah. It has about 36 employees to cover the large volume of trampolines that it manufactures and sells. It has been in business for 12 years and sells trampolines in 16 countries through 24 authorized dealers. Not bad!!

How to Care for your Skywalker

The company does suggest storing the fabric and foam parts of their trampolines when not in use. The sun, wind and rain can do damage to plastic and fabric parts of the trampoline over time (as mentioned above).

Other than that, I did not see that they gave any special care instructions for this trampoline beyond the common sense care instructions that come with a trampoline in general.

However, it is possible that moisture can also do damage to steel parts of the frame even though the steel is made to withstand a variety of weather. This is all pretty standard. If you can store it when not us use for an extended period of time-JUST DO IT!-that is our suggestion. Or not; it is totally up to you.

Concluding Our Review

Let’s give a quick rundown of The Good and The Bad of this Skywalker trampoline review.

Bad news first (aka Cons):

  • This brand doesn’t come with a ladder. However, this seems to be quite standard across all trampoline sets we have looked into.
  • Some reviewers had trouble with the mats ripping close to the edge where the stitching was near the springs within a years time. Some admitted that they were close to the weight limit on the trampoline, but some seemed surprised because they had been careful about the limit.
  • So weight limit seems to be very important with this brand and should be taken seriously (though I will say some were surprised the other way in that they knew that they had surely gone over the weight recommendations and the mat held firm). There were enough reviews talking about this that it would make me think a new mat would have to possibly be considered in the budget 1-2 years down the road. Of course, don’t forget the 90 day warranty!
  • Many were not impressed with some of the sports features and thought that they were rather cheap and flimsy though almost all said this was “to be expected” and this didn’t bother them too much.
  • Reviewers mentioned in enough numbers to heed, that the set did not come with the correct instructions (the website does have online manuals and videos on their webpage here) and either not enough screws or the wrong size.
  • Some reviewers noted shipping problems were an issue.

And now, for the Good News (aka Pros):

  • Skywalker trampolines seemed to be quite easy and fast to put together and take down (as we mentioned above).
  • The set arrives with a spring stretching/pulling tool that is essential for stretching the spring to fit from the jump mat into the holes provided in the frame. This seems to be quite standard for trampoline companies presently.
  • This brand of trampoline can come with several different sports features that can enhance the jumping experience.
  • Customer service got mostly good reviews and replacement parts are easy to find and obtain.
  • People seemed satisfied about the money they spent on the product they received. I read “Good trampoline for the price” several times in my research of this brand.
  • Several models of Skywalkers had an over 70 % 5-star rating and this is with 600+ reviews!

So, after all this research, what do we think?

There sure are a bunch of Skywalker trampolines owned all over the country! The Skywalker trampoline reviews were many and positive for the most part. Again, it really depends on what you are looking for and what the needs of your particular family are, but we really like this company’s emphasis on safety. We really like how they have locked down that enclosure netting with extra care.

We like that they have printed instructions and assembly videos right on their website for those that are having trouble and need them. They have an information rich website.

If you are interested in making a Skywalker trampoline the newest addition to your family, we have picked out a few in different categories that we think you should consider.

Happy bouncing!!

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