Jumpking Trampoline Review

How are Jumpking Trampolines Different?

We will be reviewing some of the top brands of trampolines that we found, and this brand stood out to us as one that we really wanted to review. From the Jumpking trampoline reviews that we looked at on Amazon and from the manufacturer, we found some helpful information that we would like to pass on.

As you read our review, keep in mind that there are some trampoline models with different names, yet fall under the JumpKing brand. Bazoongi, Jumppod, and Orbounder are all made by JumpKing and the really cool thing is, they say that many parts are interchangeable between all of these trampolines which makes it easier to find a part if you happen to need one in the future.

The Basics of the Brand

There are some pieces of information that is just common across all the JumpKing brand, so I will talk about them here before we talk about some specifics of a few of the actual models. Here are some of the specs that they have in common:

This trampoline has UV protection on the jump mat and the cover mat (which is thickly padded) for the springs. This is important because having a piece of expensive equipment that sits outside in the weather, well, it can really take a beating! Sun, wind and rain can really be hard on the fabric portions of a trampoline, and before you know it, you are looking at replacement parts. So we think UV protection is a MUST and were happy to hear of this critical feature being present in the Jumpking.

5+cm of galvanized steel on the trampoline frame, legs and poles for substantial durability.

Jumpking has a patented “tri-layer T connector” that fits on the frame at the points where the W-shaped legs and the padded net poles slot into it for added stability and strength.

The enclosure net has some really neat features on them that we really like a lot. The net rises about 6 feet above the jumping mat and then it has this cool top rail, called a “G3 shock corded horizontal rod” made of flexible, yet sturdy material that clips into grooves at the top of each net pole. This gives some substance to the top of the net so that the netting doesn’t just droop between the vertical poles. It give the net more stability and it gives the whole trampoline a higher quality look, in our opinion.

The net enclosure has a dual-protection locking system on the entrance. It has a combination of a zipper and buckles that give it an added safeguard.

Jumpking also has this handy shoe caddy that hangs off the frame that you can put close to the entrance so that shoes are kept in an easy reachable place when people are done jumping. It was kind of a thoughtful feature, we thought.

Total spring count is going to vary for the size of the trampoline. But one feature that many reviewers mentioned was that the springs have a “one over, one under” pattern to them that they thought was something that lended to the durableness of the springs.

How Easy is the Jumpking to assemble?

Overwhelmingly, this is one of the things that stood out in the reviews; Jumpking brand trampolines are easy to assemble and most came complete in the box with all the parts; very few customer service issues were reported. It seems that the smaller the trampoline, the easier it was to set up. Some of the larger versions took a few more people to help, but this makes complete sense, doesn’t it? Some had a real tough time putting them together, but they were few. You have to kind of wonder if it wasn’t an issue of the ability of the person(s) putting it together over the trampoline assembly itself. We may never know…but to be on the safe side, don’t try to attempt assembly alone if you can help it. And don’t forget to read the instructions!

Where are Jumpking Trampolines made?

Jumpking is a trampoline business that is based in the USA; Addison, Texas, to be exact. This was a surprise to me because a few videos that came up when I searched for it had moderators that sounded like they had British accents.

The company was started in 1948 and boasts of being the world’s largest manufacturer/seller of trampolines. According to their own website, they sell 60% of total US purchases.

How to Care for your Jumpking

No special care is required for this trampoline unless you live in climates where it snows in the wintertime. If you do, it would be important that you brush off any snow accumulation on the jump mat. If you do not, it can put undue stress on the springs and stretch them out if snow is left for a long period of time. This can definitely affect the bounceability of the trampoline. Once the bouncing season returns to your neck of the woods, the manufacturers would warn that if you didn’t take care of the jump mat in the winter, you might find a looser tension that will impair your bouncing experience.

One idea that a reviewer had due to a problem with springs that rusted after one season’s use, was to spray some kind of anti-rusting agent onto the springs after initial assembly. Disclaimer: this was NOT a suggestion made by the manufacturer and it might be a question that you want to pose to them before doing such a thing.

According to the manufacturer’s website, it didn’t sound as though disassembly was required for the trampoline. But after reading the good reviews of people who had good experiences both in putting them together and taking them apart, it seems that it might be a good idea (if you have sufficient storage space and the time to do it) to store your trampoline for any seasons that they will not be in active use.

Concluding Our Review

Let’s give a quick rundown of The Good and The Bad of this brand:

Bad news first-

  • This brand doesn’t come with a ladder. However, this seems to be quite standard across all trampoline sets we have looked into.
  • One reviewer on Amazon mentioned that half of the springs rusted within one season of use.
  • A few people mentioned that the zipper on the enclosure was difficult for their children to do alone due to the tension on the enclosure itself. And update of the review said that the zipper, in fact, broke after a few months and they were disappointed.
  • While looking at the reviews for the JumpKing Oval Trampoline with Solid Green Graphic Pad, it was mentioned by several people that the instructions were obviously meant for a previous model because the springs did not fit the way the instructions were saying they should.

And now, for the Good News-

  • The oval shaped trampoline was frequently mentioned for it’s ability to fit nicely in a smaller backyard. It was also given praise for the jump area for use with kids that wanted to do several flips or tricks in succession.
  • Here’s a bonus: the set arrives with a spring stretching/pulling tool that is essential for stretching the spring to fit from the jump mat into the holes provided in the frame. Many were pleasantly surprised and grateful for this generous inclusion by the company.
  • The springs are quieter than expected.
  • Replacement parts are easy to find and obtain.
  • The frame is very sturdy. No wobbling or swaying when people are jumping.
  • The frame is lighter weight than expected. It is easy to move to different parts of the yard in order to mow the grass or to give the grass a break from the shade of the trampoline in order to get the lawn some sunlight avoid brown patches.

So, after all this research, what do we think?

We have no problems at all recommending the Jumpking brand (and anything made by Jumpking like Bazoongi, Orbounder and Jumppod) to our readers and fellow backyard adventurers. The good points seem to far outweigh the bad points. The complaints seemed to turn out to be only slight annoyances in retrospect.

If you like and agree with our review, then you might want to click on some classic trampoline choices that we have picked out and see for yourself if a Jumpking might meet your needs.

Happy bouncing!

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