What is the Best Adult Trampoline

Are Backyard Trampolines Just For Kids?

Kids love to bounce on trampolines for hours. It is just natural for them. They seem to never tire of it! We and our friends have spent a lot of money on Trampoline Parks (and bounce houses) to allow our kids this joy of jumping. You probably have too. Continue reading “What is the Best Adult Trampoline”

Jumpking Trampoline Review

How are Jumpking Trampolines Different?

We will be reviewing some of the top brands of trampolines that we found, and this brand stood out to us as one that we really wanted to review. From the Jumpking trampoline reviews that we looked at on Amazon and from the manufacturer, we found some helpful information that we would like to pass on. Continue reading “Jumpking Trampoline Review”

How Much Does A Trampoline Cost?

Counting the Cost

If you are anything like our family, we have a rule; any purchase over $100 gets some serious thought put into it as to whether it is truly a need, once we take a look at it in the light of our family goals. Once it gets a “green light” and it is established that it is what we really need, we count the cost as to whether or not the purchase price is going to be worth the benefit to us. So first, we look at our goals, and then we look at our budget. Continue reading “How Much Does A Trampoline Cost?”